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Connecting You to the Chinese Consumer

We believe nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.
Our objective is to help merchants share a slice of the cake in the lucrative China market.

Who we are

A licensed broker of WeChat products

ePurse is one of the subsidiaries of Sealand Capital Galaxy Limited, a listed company in the United Kingdom (UKLA: SCGL).

We are headquartered in Hong Kong, but we have a global distribution network that extends to the United Kingdom and Dubai.

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A licensed broker of WeChat products

Future vision

Expand our business and build up the “ePurse belt”

United Arab Emirates

The UAE is fast becoming one of the top destinations favoured by Chinese tourists because of the lifestyle it offers and the availability of luxury stores.

With our experience in doing WeChat business in Dubai, we are planning to expand to the rest of the UAE.

European countries

Historical sites, cultural attractions, luxury goods and recreational activities such as football matches, attract Chinese tourists to visit many European countries.

The potential to expand our business to European countries is currently being discussed.

Develop an e-commerce

With expanding business to different countries around the world, ePurse has ambitions to develop an e-commerce to help merchants globalize their business.

By developing various functions for the e-commerce, we will offer merchants the opportunity to reach different part of the world as well as allowing them to build a virtual network for their B2C business, creating an additional way of selling products and growing a global customer base.

Building up the “ePurse Belt”

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