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Install WeChat Pay at the offline stores

Enhance the shopping experience of Chinese customers by providing them with the payment method they trust.

Did you know ...

Sales increase by 20 to 30% when offline stores enable WeChat pay

WeChat pay is used so widely amongst Chinese consumers and is the preferred method of payment for making quick purchase decisions.

Chinese consumers walking along a busy street

Other than applying discounts and offers from Tencent, merchants can also set up WeChat Official Accounts which customers will be signed up to follow automatically after they shop at a store using WeChat Pay.

It boosted our sales volume in the last Golden Week holiday as customers felt welcomed when they found out we accepted WeChat Pay as a payment method.

Co-founder of Kare
Konish Global Limited
Installed WeChat Pay in March 2018

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Manage a Verified Official Account

As well as providing a pleasant shopping experience, an Official Account can help merchants keep customers interested in their brand and products. It is the best way to interact with customers as by creating customer loyalty as well as providing access to new, potential customers.

Did you know ...

4 in 5 Chinese consumers read reviews before making big purchases

Excellent feedback from other people in their community is important to Chinese tourists in making the decision to purchase

Chinese consumers using phones

A membership system can be developed in the Official Account. For shop owners this is particularly helpful as this system records your customers’ purchasing habits. Retail owners can use this information to create a marketing strategy using the data obtained from the Official Account.

We enjoy using the Official Account to interact with our customers one-to-one. Providing good customer service and business updates through the Official Account increases the chances for customers to visit our store again.

Co-founder of Kare
Konish Global Limited
Applied for an official account in May 2018

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Advertise in WeChat Moment

Planning promotions and spreading news through the Official Account are not enough to create an effective social media marketing campaign. Advertising is an important add-on to enhance your profile.

Did you know ...

80% of consumers check out Official Accounts to learn about companies

Data collected from Official Accounts is analyzed and used to select suitable, effective consumer groups to target with advertising.

Chinese consumer browsing on a phone

WeChat moment attracts the most attention from Chinese. Advertising on WeChat moment can target a specific group of users that the merchant wants to show their advertisement to. The result of the advertising campaign can be tracked and analyzed. If they are not satisfied with the feedback at the any stage of the campaign, the content and the targeted group can be changed at any time they want.

After knowing the effectiveness of targeted advertising in WeChat moment from other clients of ePurse and our friends in China, we decided to start an advertisement project with ePurse. It is a must to if we want to enter the China market.

Co-founder of Kare
Konish Global Limited
Planning the advertising campaign with ePurse

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