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WeChat: The One Stop Cross-Border Solution

We provide professional marketing, advertising, management and consultancy services.
Adding your business to the WeChat platform to grow your market share.

WeChat Pay

Meeting the consumption behaviour of Chinese customers and providing mobile payments with their own trusted payment method

Cash is an outdated payment method in China, as users generally access WeChat Pay as their preferred payment method. By installing WeChat Pay merchant will take the first step in gaining exposure to this Chinese social network. A social network that provides a payment platform and also a place for users to share their life experience with family and friends.

Visual overview of WeChat Pay

The merchant charges in his or her local currency. Chinese customers pay in RMB via their WeChat Wallet. Then the merchant receives payment in his or her local currency electronically.

Payment is done by simply scanning a QR code. With our help, QR codes can be shown on stands, POS machines or even integrated into the cashier system. Merchants can log into the back-end system to monitor transactions in real time.

WeChat Pay
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Efficient payment process
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Low service charge

WeChat Official Account

The most effective way to build your brand in a Chinese social network

Chinese tourists research on WeChat Official Accounts and WeChat Moment to plan their travel arrangements which includes any stores they might want to visit abroad. We provide management services for merchants with Official Account, these include content writing, promotion planning and function development such as building up membership system, online shop and mini games.

WeChat Official Account
  • Get a verified account*
  • Management services
  • Multifunctional platform to interact with customers
  • Enhance customer relationship

*Verified Universal Service Account is suggested.

WeChat Advertising

A direct way to reach a large number of Chinese WeChat users

With valuable impressions and information about your customers, you can drive more Chinese tourists towards merchant stores with WeChat Advertising.

Setting up different criteria of your target group can attract different potential customers for any cases. The more the specificity, the higher the effectiveness of advertising.

The information that Chinese users get from the WeChat app contributes to the decisions they make about their travel plans. Getting their impressions by advertising in WeChat Moment* will be the smartest way to gain their attention.

We offer a consultant service to help merchants target the right group of Chinese WeChat users, We also offer advice on design and content to meet Chinese tourists’ unique purchasing habits and avoid content or design that may not be approved by Tencent.

WeChat advertising
  • Creates reputation with reasonable price
  • High accuracy on reaching potential customers
  • Professional advertising suggestions
  • Designing and content writing services

*Verified Universal Official Account is needed to advertise on WeChat Moment.

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We help merchants from all around the world to
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Provide professional suggestions

  • Understand with the local Chinese market
  • Management based in Hong Kong
  • Closely associated with Tencent’s Institutional Partner

Construct and enhance large scale business

  • Linking up merchants in different countries and Chinese travellers
  • Building a network between merchants from all over the world

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